Links & Resources

Projects and Data-sets:

  • Segmented Online handwritten Arabic Letters data-set: link

  • Tel Aviv University Latex Thesis template (github)

  • Pre-print Latex style (github)

  • project-origin an artificial life environment that allows studying the emergence and evolution of intelligence (github)

  • here is my Ph.D. Research Proposal titled "Neural Correlates of State Representation in the Striatum".

Talks and Presentations:

  • Introducing Attention Mechanism and Transformer Architecture for Language Modeling. (here)

  • A talk Presenting LAMBADA (AAAI 2020) at IBM AI Research Lab. (here)

  • A link to the "git for gits" mini-course. (here)

  • "The agile way" - A talk I delivered in HPE Labs introducing the agile methodology: presentation and talk

  • A talk about the paper titled "Prediction-Based, Prioritized Market-Share Insight Extraction" (here)

  • A talk delivered on 2015 on the "Predictive ALM" project. (here)

  • A video about the Elysium project. (here)

  • My Masters thesis Presentation. (here)