George Kour, Ph.D.

Research Scientist

IBM Research Labs

I am a senior researcher in the Language and Conversation Group at IBM Research. My research centers on large language models, with a specific focus on controlled generation, as well as the quality and safety of generated content.

Furthermore, I hold the role of an Adjunct Lecturer within the Computer Science faculty at the Academic College of Tel Aviv Jaffa, where I teach both introductory and advanced courses on machine learning.

I earned my bachelor's degree in computer engineering from the Technion. Following that, I pursued my master's degree in computer engineering at Tel-Aviv University, where I was guided by Prof. Dana Ron and Dr. Raid Saabni. My thesis concentrated on online handwriting recognition in the Arabic language.

I completed my Ph.D. in computational neuroscience in the Sagol Department of Neurobiology at Haifa University. During this period, under the guidance of Dr. Genela Morris, I investigated cognitive models of attention and motivation, with a particular focus on state representation mechanisms in the brain.

Research Interests: 

My research interests are mainly focused on the foundation of learning mechanisms, encompassing both artificial and natural systems, including:

Natural Language Processing - Large Language Models - Generative Models - AI Safety - Computational Neuroscience - Cognitive Modeling - Reinforcement Learning.

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Being part of a nation displaced from its homeland, and simply as a human being, I'm deeply passionate about human rights, particularly those of refugees.

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