George Kour

Machine Learning Researcher

IBM Research Lab, University of Haifa

I am a researcher in the Language and Conversation Group at IBM research and a Ph.D candidate in the Sagol department of neurobiology at the Haifa University.

I hold a bachelor degree in computer engineering from the Technion - Institute of Technology. I have completed my masters degree in computer engineering in the Tel-Aviv University, under the supervision of Prof. Dana Ron and Dr. Raid Saabni. My thesis focused on online handwriting recognition in the Arabic language.

In my Ph.D. research under the supervision of Dr. Genela Morris, I investigate dimensionality reduction processes and state representation mechanisms in the brain.

I am interested in Learning mechanisms, both artificial and natural.

Online Presence:

Supported Organizations:

As a member of a nation exiled from its land and as a human being I am a human rights fan, especially when it comes to refugees.

I support the following organization:

  • Sadaka-Reut: an Arab-Jewish Partnership Organization. Active Role: Board of Directors Member.

  • SAMS: The Syrian American Medical Society. Active Role: Volunteer & Honorary member 2017-2018.

  • tsofen: An organization promoting Arab citizens representation in hi-tech firms. Active Role: Volunteer in the One-On-One program.

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